CoinIt-In Building a Business In A Pandemic

Posted: Monday July 26 2021

By: Guest Blogger

While some small businesses have adapted and even thrived during the pandemic, for many of us that rely on the face to face sales approach it’s been make or break. I’m the founder of innovative children’s savings product the MoneyBoxTree and here’s how I juggled work with family life to survive lockdown.

CoinIt-In Building a Business In A Pandemic

By Jackie Swainston

I won’t lie, it’s been a real struggle.

With the introduction of lockdown a large proportion of my customers disappeared practically overnight.

Over 80 per cent of my sales are made at gift shows and trade fairs up and down the country and I watched as one by one all my bookings were cancelled.

We used to have so much fun meeting real people. My product would fly off the stand when they saw it in action for themselves and caught my passion for saving and belief that kids need to engage with real cash from a young age.

Reaching customers online and explaining how this beautiful gift can also teach money skills, encourage kids to save their pocket money and acquire healthy savings habits for life, had to be learned.

The first half of 2020 was really tough and my income plummeted. A few weeks before lockdown I had taken delivery of my biggest order of MoneyBoxTrees to date and a national building society had also placed an order for 10,000 units!

I needed time and space to totally rethink my business and marketing strategy, but with two children now under my feet needing help with home schooling (not to mention the hourly snacks they demanded!) this felt next to impossible. Add to that being mindful of my kids mental wellbeing and it was overwhelming … I really could do with a PA, but couldn’t everyone?

As those first weeks went by I seriously considered cutting my losses. I had put my heart and soul into my product so I had to find a different way to reach my audience.

It was a customer who gave me the boost I needed. I received an email from a grandparent who’d been roped in to help home-school her young grandchildren. She’d used the MoneyBoxTree to bring a fun, interactive element to maths lessons and she’d been surprised how the experience had transformed their understanding of money and saving.

I was re-energised and worked on improving my website’s SEO and using social media to find and connect with people like me who wanted to teach their children and grandchildren money sense and better savings habits.

Thankfully my sales are now growing again. With increased family time, an appreciation of more wholesome activities and a passion to save more for an uncertain future, demand for mindful gift ideas is on the rise.

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# CoinIt-In Building a Business In A Pandemic