Creating a happy work environment in five simple steps

Posted: Monday October 12 2020

By: Abbie Coleman

It may seem like stating the obvious, but the happier your employees are, the more successful your business will be.

Creating a happy work environment in 5 simple steps

When a workforce is engaged, creatively encouraged, and made to feel appreciated, they are much more likely to stick around to help grow the business further.

Here are our suggestions for creating a happy, healthy, and supportive workplace.

Praise and recognition

Employees respond well to regular encouragement and recognition with the office. Praise is an extremely powerful thing to offer your team – when delivered sincerely – it can motivate them to keep driving forward and produce the best results.

Applauding good behaviour will, in turn create a positive working environment, where colleagues feel valued, respected, and more likely to stay in their role.

Offer career progression opportunities

Employees will often seek out positions within companies that offer a clear career progression path, with the chance to advance through the ranks and gain more responsibility and a higher salary bracket.

It’s a good idea to arrange regular check-ins and reviews with your team members, to establish how they see themselves advancing in the company and organise training opportunities to support their development.

Encourage a work/life balance

By allowing your team to organise their work schedules to suit them, you can encourage a healthy balance between personal and professional life, and they will then be less prone to distraction or dissatisfaction when at work.

While a flexible work schedule doesn’t suit everyone, adopting a less rigid approach to start, finish, and break times can go a long way in keeping the workforce happy.

Competitive pay and benefits

People want to feel like their salary accurately reflects the amount of energy and effort put into their role. If you’re ever unsure about the appropriate salary for any given role, it’s a good idea to research what competitors are offering.

Of course, it’s not enough to simply offer a decent wage. Nowadays, employee benefits are a fantastic method for retaining your workers and making them feel valued. Popular benefits include flexible working, optional leave, and incentive programmes.

A focus on wellbeing

Good employers recognise that their organisation as a whole performs better when the workforce is happy, healthy, and motivated. Encourage open and honest discussions about mental health and include staff in the discussion of how best to promote it within the company.

Establish regular lines of internal communication within the team to foster strong bonds and perhaps even invite guest speakers to boost mental health awareness and ensure your staff feel supported.

There are plenty of elements to consider when establishing a successful company, but when it comes to your workforce, it’s fair to say, what you put in is what you get out. Investing the time and effort into guaranteeing your employees’ job satisfaction really will pay off in the long run, trust us!

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