Top free business hacks 2021

Posted: Wednesday April 28 2021

By: Abbie Coleman

Business hacks every start-up and small business owner should know about in 2021 MMB Business club shares excellent advice from leading experts in their field to help you make the most of your business time and cash flow.

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Top free business hacks 2021

Please find an excellent hack list that, as a start-up or small business, you will discover saves you time and money in 2021

Once a well-kept secret, this is one of the most popular sites that get recommend to people to help them create their artwork and content for their business, including some tremendous pre-made artwork for you to drop and click to suit your brand, so don’t worry if the design is not your thing. If you have a tight budget and minimum knowledge of design software, this is amazing and free.

There is an option to go pro for more imagery and extra options, but there are still plenty of unique functions on the free option.

If you are a charity or social enterprise, you can also apply for a free pro account.

And the people at Canva are genuinely helpful.

Talking of imagery can be expensive if no one has told you about the number of free imagery sites you can use for your work Unsplash is an excellent go-to with a wide range of imagery. Still, there are others out there and if you’re looking for something a little different, look at Gratisography.Sem Rush

The complete account is a significant investment and can be costly for many starting businesses. So why not take advantage of the Sem Rush free version until your funds allow you to upgrade or outsource. You can check your keyword rankings and much more in an easy to understand dashboard. Gone are the days of just having a website; you now need your website to perform for you and build your presence and conversations.ogle Analytics

It’s an old one but a good one; make sure you have google analytics attached to your website to see what’s happening, which pages are performing, what your visitors do when they land on your site. If you don’t monitor these, you could spend a lot of time and money working blind on the wrong areas of your website.



Social media is key to getting a brand out there and building loyalty from your customers along with engagement. But being switched on 24/7 or leaving posting to a last-minute dash doesn’t create you results long term and leaves you distracted through the day sporadically posting. Jump on Buffer and pre-plan some of your content to take the guesswork out of it. A free account will limit the number of posts you can make and accounts you can add, so for most investing in that monthly sum is a no brainer. But there are free options out there if you are starting. The analytics are great to see what works and when. So don’t just post; read your stats and see what and when to post for your audience.


Broadband Genie’s fibre deals

Working from home has been a given for the last 365 days, but many of us will continue to do this, which is why you may need to demand more from your broadband. It can be a frustrating time trying to compare, so why not jump on and use Broadband Genie’s fibre deals compare site and see what’s available in your area and the best deal for you. It costs nothing and could save you money and a time when you’re trying to upload and download artwork, podcasts etc.


I love Grammarly and have recently made the jump to the paid account. Usually, when I do this kind of thing, I often feel disappointed or instantly know I made the right decision. In this case, it has been excellent. Although the free version is fantastic and, for many, will be more than enough if you create a lot of content and want support on correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery, this tool does not fall short.



Keeping in contact is crucial, and if you have under 2000 customers, so if Mailchimp! A great piece of kit to keep in touch with easy to use templates and delivery report. As your database grows, you will need to upgrade, but Mailchimp has always been our go-to and will be for some time.


So have we missed your favourite business hack? Is there a new one on the market that we don’t know about? Contact us at to let us know who else should be on our business hack for 2021

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