Top tips on enhancing your writing

Posted: Monday April 6 2020

By: Katie Mallinson

Once you’ve set up your business and launched a shiny new website and social channels, it maybe that you can’t afford to pay anyone to produce regular content – especially during the current climate. If this is the case, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t have the confidence to put pen to paper – or more likely fingers to keys! – yourself.

Top tips on enhancing your writing skills

Enhancing your writing – Whether it’s to refresh the content on your website, provide a relevant comment in industry media or maintain a steady stream of prose on your social media company pages, there are boundless opportunities to make your voice heard whilst the world is online.

However, it’s important that you brush up – and continue to improve on – your writing skills, if required, to ensure that the impression of you and your business remains a positive one.

Here are some tips to help you put this into practice…

  1. Write regularly

Like anything, practice makes perfect! Whether that’s something personal such as keeping your own blog or diary, or crafting social media posts for your business channels, keep doing this regularly and you’re likely to see an improvement.

A great tip is to also get someone to be a regular proof-reader – this could be a friend or family member, if they’re happy to provide impartial advice and alternative suggestions to enhance your copy. After all, it’s always best to have a second pair of eyes to give any content the once-over!

  1. Write about what interest you

Presumably, if it’s your business – or a service you provide to others – this will be ‘your baby’. Therefore, avoid producing content that you either don’t fully understand or that are of no relevance to your company, as this may make the task more difficult – and lead to no engagement from your target audience.

Keeping an eye on relevant industry news is key here – particularly when it comes to social media – as it is easy to share relevant articles from other media outlets, and merely add your own comment/thoughts on the matter in hand. This therefore doesn’t require a great deal of written input, if the subject is something that would be of interest to your sector and readers.

  1. Read more

This can also improve your writing, particularly if the subject covers your key business topics. However, it’s fair to say that reading in general can have a positive impact on your skills, as you will subconsciously be immersed in great written content, picking up tips along the way.

It isn’t just excellent grammar and punctuation that matter – if you read around your preferred topics, you will see how other writers in your field take on discussing the same issues. Understand your niche better, and this stands you in much better stead.

There are many differences between writing a blog piece, an industry comment and a social media post. The more you read each different type of content, the better your knowledge will become.

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#Top tips on enhancing your writing

  1. Keep content simple, short and to the point

Nobody wants to read waffle and you are far more likely to keep readers and clients – both current and potential – engaged with your work if this can be avoided. Clear, straight-forward communications are key in a world where people rely on online news feeds and social media outlets for the majority of updates that they consume each day.

Busy people in business would rather receive shorter, clearer messages on a more regular basis, rather than lengthy topical pieces that they just won’t take the time to read. Try to get your message across as succinctly as possible – attention spans and busy lives dictate that this is the best way to ensure your content is noticed!

  1. Go for it!

In all honestly, you may start the process of writing and realise that it is far too complex a job for you, or you simply hate doing it.

If that turns out to be the case, you could then consider the skills of a freelance content writer or a PR agency to step in and assist but, if you don’t give it a go for yourself you’ll never know.

So, don’t be afraid, have confidence in your own abilities and start to brush up on your writing skills straightaway!

Follow the tips above as a good starting point, and you may just find that you discover a new passion for writing… good luck!

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#Top tips on enhancing your writing