Why you need a press release

Posted: Thursday March 25 2021

By: Katie Mallinson

Why you need a press release

Press releases can be a time consuming thing because there are many stages involved – not just writing them. You need to source and send it to the relevant publications, for example, as well as monitor for coverage, because of course you want to know how successful it has been – if you don’t have a platform to do this for you, it can lead to a lot of man hours.

So, you may ask why bother? But, a PR story can help your business, regardless of your industry, and achieve media coverage within your region, and even internationally – and that is just the beginning! Here is a list of the wider benefits a press release can really have for your organisation…

Creates exposure

This is particularly important if you’re a smaller business that may have limited resources to acquire exposure for your brand. A press release is a cost-effective communications tool which enables you to further spread your company’s name within your industry, and could subsequently expand your client base and generate sales.

Shapes your identity

A release allows you to create your own image for your business, by giving you a voice within your industry. This is the perfect opportunity to brand yourself as an expert in your field, which leads to your company’s identity becoming associated with trust and credibility.

Improves your SEO

It may seem that everything these days is about search engine optimisation, and that is because it is hugely important in increasing your visibility in the online world. If your press release is written well it will be viewed and engaged with, whilst potentially providing valuable backlinks to your website and boosting your search engine ranking – the higher your position in the search feed, the more likely you are to be noticed.

Controls your story

Grant control over your company news, by literally taking it into your own hands and writing a press release. It creates the opportunity to articulate what’s important to you, share your services, company innovations, growth, investments or even events that you have coming up – tell the stories you wish to be shared and heard!

So, take a look in mirror and see what newsworthy stories you can tell the world. If you’re unsure of what is considered newsworthy or not, take a look online and see what some of the publications are shouting about – you may have a similar tale to tell.

You have nothing to lose writing a press release and a lot to gain, so start writing!

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