Steph Evans-Hill Career Book Pick

Posted: Thursday October 14 2021

By: Abbie Coleman

Every month we choose a women who has made an impact on her profession to choose and highlight the book that made a difference to her career.

Steph Evans-Hill Career Book Pick

This month we are excited to speak with Steph Evans-Hill, Head of HR for Nestlé Confectionery and Strategic Capabilities UK& I

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Steph Evans - HillName: Steph Evans-Hill, Head of HR for Nestlé Confectionery and Strategic Capabilities UK& I

Book choice: Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

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Brené Brown is an absolute icon of mine, both personally and professionally; her Ted Talk on The Power of Vulnerability has had over 16 million views worldwide! It was recommended to me a few years ago by someone close to me and since then I decided to read one of her books as well. Brené’s book ‘Daring Greatly’ takes a deep dive into vulnerability and how our avoidance of feeling it affects every aspect of how we live our lives. Authenticity is very important to me and it’s an area I’ve been working on personally – how do I show up when things aren’t going great? How do I challenge the status quo and face into conflict? How do I avoid unhealthy self-judgement when I make a mistake? Although the book has some sections related to parenting and personal relationships, the messages throughout are universal and can absolutely be applied in a professional context.

The book outlines heavily from the outset that vulnerability isn’t a weakness, but instead is defined as ‘uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.’ The key penny drop moment for me was the view that organisations cannot be innovative or creative without vulnerability from its leaders and teams- innovation is absolutely about uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. It’s all about teams feeling that they are supported to take risks, make mistakes and learn to be even better as a result. When teams don’t feel supported in this way, they hold back for fear of making a mistake and stop contributing, stop showing up and become disengaged. Somehow, we don’t normalise having difficult, exposing discussions and instead chase certainty and assurances.

Brené shares several ways in which leaders can cultivate a culture where people can be open, honest and bring their best, wholehearted selves through embracing vulnerability as a strength, rather than seeing it as a weakness:

  1. Lead the way and support other leaders to dare greatly and have honest, open conversations with their teams about their personal failures or issues; vulnerability begets vulnerability. Celebrate the courage of those who lead the way.
  2. Normalise talking about problems openly and without blame or shame – lean into the discomfort of not having all of the answers immediately
  3. Feedback is key to transformative change and it’s critical that leaders make it a priority. Feedback takes vulnerability from the giver and receiver. How many of us regularly ask for honest, candid feedback and don’t shy away from asking for the uncomfortable truth?

We’ve all had to deal with uncertainty more than ever collectively and individually over the last 18 months, and Daring Greatly has helped me to consider how being vulnerable and embracing the unknown might be part of the answer in supporting my colleagues, my leaders and myself. I’d highly recommend, and make sure you check out her Ted Talk too!


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