Career Book Competition

Posted: Wednesday August 11 2021

By: Abbie Coleman

Every month we choose a women who has made an impact on her profession to choose and highlight the book that made a difference to her career.

Career Book Competition

This month we are excited to speak with Rachel Roberts of Stowe Family Law on the book that helped shape her career.

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Stowe Family Law
Name: Rachel Roberts, Regional Director, Yorkshire, Stowe Family Law (Read more about Rachel here)
Book Choice: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Whilst not exclusively a career book, I have used the skills I learned from this book both in a personal and work context. Its so easy to apply the many solutions offered in real life. Developing good habits may not be the most obvious career boosting advice, but as you read the book, you learn that real change in any environment comes from a lot of small good decisions and/or habits.

In the book, there are 4 rules to setting/maintaining good habits:

  • Make it obvious;
  • Make it attractive;
  • Make it easy;
  • Make it satisfying.

Atomic Habits James ClearThese are explored in far greater detail in the book, but for me, my favourite was the make it easy. One of the things I am continually working on is my leadership skills. However, outside of formal coaching and development, its can be hard to find the time for self-development. Using the system above, I now have a habit that the first half an hour of my working day is spent reading something around leadership – my “make it easy” was I started with 5 minutes of reading, and no more. Over time it became a habit and is now effortless, as I put in place a system.

The author calls the build-up of the impact of small habits the “Compound Effect” i.e. very small habits over time will have a big impact. If you think of this in terms of the direction of your career, or improving systems within your business, you start to appreciate that it is not only the sweeping changes that make the difference, but often the small incremental ones that become effortlessly imbedded as part of your identity (or your company practice). One of my favourite quotes in the book is

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

I think that applies nicely in all contexts in life! This is one of those books that I have highlighted to death and read several times. The author also does a weekly email, which is also an inspiring read. I highly recommend!


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# Career Book Competition

Career book competition

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