Used car expert G3 blazes a trail for women

Posted: Wednesday January 17 2018

By: Abbie Coleman

Bleak statistics show that in 2018, women still make up just 17.6% of the motor sector’s workforce in the UK – with some European countries, the ones that you might think of as more progressive, faring little better. This would seem to confirm that female petrolheads, with or without toddlers in tow, will struggle to do well – or even get a foot in the door – in this male-dominated arena.

Used car expert G3 blazes a trail for women

Hazel Anstey, G3’s client relationship manager

Yet one Leeds-based growing car auction brand, is showing that women can be the driving force. More than that, the healthy gender gap at G3 Remarketing has been integral to its whole success, so far.

Founded almost 10 years ago, females have been powering the company since its inception – a total of 44.4% of staff are women, many of them working mums. Women can be found all over G3 including account management, payment processing and yard-based vehicle inspection, and statistics show this proportion is almost three times the average.

The numbers also score highly against targets set by the UK Automotive 30% Club, a voluntary group of automotive chief executive officers and managing directors, who want to see 30% of leadership positions in the sector filled by women by 2030.

G3’s female team members start from the top with joint director and owner Amanda Holtby and include several key roles within the business. Amanda said:

“From the very beginnings of G3 in 2008, we knew we wanted to do things differently. We recognise the skills, experience and expertise that women – including busy mums – have to offer the motor industry, and we would never allow a large gender gap in our business even though it is the norm in the sector. G3 can count women in every department, up to and including board level. We are proud to stand out as a good example.”

This exemplary behaviour involves offering family-friendly terms where possible – a policy that Hazel Anstey, G3’s client relationship manager, who plays a pivotal role looking after key vendor accounts, has benefited from.

Hazel echoes many an executive mother’s feelings when she says:

“The role of the mum in the modern day is a very challenging one. As a full-time working parent, it is often difficult to find the balance between your career and being actively involved in the raising of your children – and not missing out on those key milestones and experiences.

“I need to travel long distances in this role. There are overnight stays, early starts and late finishes. It would be so easy to lose sight of my work life balance. But I have a degree of flexibility in my start and finish times when needed – G3 understands that a balanced employee is a more productive one.”

Hazel continues; “Being able to work from home ensures that I don’t miss parents’ evenings or big events like the Christmas nativity play. G3 is a forward-thinking employer and knows that it’s about give and take, and I’m not sure I’d get that at a big corporation.”

The majority of the sector has a long way to go to match G3’s ethos. Recent statistics from London-based gender diversity consultancy 20-first show women make up just 17.6% of the UK’s wholesale and retail motor trade workforce and 15.8% of those who work in the manufacturing of vehicles.

While some other European countries – such as Germany and Italy – ranking slightly better, none come close to G3’s more equal gender split here in West Yorkshire.