Five Expert Tips for Outdoor and Garden Heating Systems

Posted: Sunday May 30 2021

By: Guest Blogger

Five Expert Tips for Outdoor and Garden Heating Systems

By Annabel Piers

In summer, we get the maximum use of our gardens. Children splash in paddling pools, adults lounge on the grass or sit on garden furniture and the pets run about getting in the way and having a wonderful time. But towards winter, as the nights draw in and a chill falls as soon as the sun begins to sink towards the horizon, the garden becomes a desolate wasteland. This is a huge shame: there is beauty to be found in a winter garden, and with the right heating solutions, you can sit out all year round. Let us take a look at five expert tips for outdoor and garden heating systems.

Fit to the Space

Do not be tempted to buy the biggest firepit that you can find, if your garden is postage-stamp size! Not only will you struggle to install it, but it will dominate the small space, eating up play and leisure room, and not really offering enough space for everyone to sit around it.

Built-in: Standalone

If you can, a permanent firepit or chiminea can be the perfect solution. Find the right place for it, which should be slightly out of the way so you can enjoy the rest of your garden when it’s warm, and yet accessible from all side to make sure that you and your family and guests enjoy the best of the warmth it offers when in use. Check out various firepits in the UK at Forest Fuel‘s website.

Built-in: On the House

If your home has an external chimney (that is to say, a flue that runs up the outside wall of the home, rather than centrally), you can install a firepit on the outside of your existing chimney. This way, the firepit is automatically protected by the fireproofing used in your chimney, and both sides will get the benefit of the fire – the interior of the home warming up when you are sitting outside with your firepit glowing, and the firepit remaining cosy and dry thanks to the fire inside the home.


Try to position your chiminea or firepit in such a way that the fire and the people sitting around it enjoy some protection from the wind. A cold wind can strip the heat from even the thickest clothing, and quite severely diminish the heat producing capacity of a fire. If you cannot build a retaining wall to enclose the firepit and your seating, think about adding a temporary screen, or something similar.

Are you Sitting Comfortably?

While firepits can put out a good deal of warmth, this can be readily lost, for example, if your guests are sitting on open mesh seating that allows wintry breezes to creep up to the back of their legs and bottoms! Alleviate these stealthy chills by investing in some thick and sturdy seat cushions for everyone to sit on. This simple provision can make the difference between being so cold that it is a trial, and a cosy evening of good company and conversation.

Five Expert Tips for Outdoor and Garden Heating Systems

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