Malin & Gotez Readers Evening

Posted: Sunday June 3 2018

By: Abbie Coleman

So last month I was lucky enough to take two MMB readers with me to meet Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz of Malin + Goetz. The fabulous skincare gurus from the USA, whilst they attended a UK whistle stop tour around the Space Nk Stores.

MMB Magazine & Two Readers Get An Evening Trying The Amazing Malin & Gotez Products And To Chat With Founders Matthew Malin & Andrew Goetz

We had the privilege of sitting in a small group to hear from the men themselves, on why they are about to take the UK by storm and why less is more when you use products that work!

Now I must admit anyone who tells me I don’t need a 5 step programme for great skin in the morning has my attention! Matthew himself has eczema, rosacea and fragrance allergies so knows the nightmare this can be when trying new products. And this is the key behind the brand that all their products not only deliver results but are gentle and kind and PH balanced to your skin.

You cannot help but love their warm characters, knowledge and passion in what they do and the fact they can deliver products that work in one step, which makes my bank balance heave a sigh of relief. That and the fact they both have fabulous skin made me want to know why I am missing out if I am not using Malin + Goetz.

MMB’s Honest Top Picks!

 Grapefruit Cleanser

Price: £29 for 8oz
What They Say: Its #1 seller for Malin & Goetz with a results orientated deep cleanse leaving your skin clean and hydrated but without any harsh detergents.
What we say: After a day in the office you really do feel like you have lifted your entire make up off and left your skin feeling happy in one wash. Does its job in one go and leaves no residue, no messing with pre cleansers, just done in one wash. Your skin feels clear and soft not tight.
Cons:   Likely it will become a firm favourite with the family as its suits all skin types and with its clean modern packaging it will be a hit with all sexes. So make sure you hide it at the back of your bathroom cabinet.

Product: Detox Facemask (Top Pick)

Price: £32 for 4oz
What They Say: Works as a purifying mask in 5 minutes, pulling all the impurities to the surface, leaving your skin radiant and clear.

What we say: Get a spa treatment in 5 minutes! It is amazing foaming action appears in only five minutes and you instantly see and feel the difference with a fantastic glow. The smell is divine and feels like you are in almond heaven, although it did leave me craving Battenberg cake, but then most things leave me craving cake! Seriously a product that delivers, one of those finds for life!  It’s already on my bathroom shelf.
Cons:   The weight gain through the desire for Battenberg cake? This product works there are no cons!

Product: 10% Sulfur Paste

Price: £18 for 0.5flz
What They Say: Formerly called “Salicylic Gel,” its highly effective 10% Sulfur Paste synthesizes sulfur to address blemishes and oily skin and help minimize breakouts overnight.
What we say: Previously having used Mario Badescu for all those spot nightmares,  it was going to be tough to sway me from a firm favourite.  But again it does what it says on the tin and works just as effectively and with the principles behind Goetz Malin I feel I can trust the brand to deliver results without damage to my skin. So I think I might just be restocking with 10% Sulphur paste in future, sorry Mario!
Cons:   Read the bottle more than one application a day and you are risking over drying.

Product: Eucalyptus Deodorant

Price: £18
What They Say:  Alcohol and aluminium free, its suitable for all skin types especially for those with sensitive skin. Synthesised with refreshing natural eucalyptus extract and odour- neutralising citronellyl for 24 hour freshness. Formulated to be easily absorbed by the skin without staining, irritation or residue
What we say:  Smelt great and the thought of using something that was natural against my skin really appealed. It was comforting to know it was aluminium free. The aluminium in deodorants is known for that nasty yellow staining you get on your clothes and although not proven many have tried to infer links with aluminium in deodorants and breast cancer. So it’s one to really think about. It basically works with your body so it doesn’t clog your pores and when you read how traditional deodorant actually work, well it’s enough to put you of the slummy mummy fish finger tea.
Cons:   It will take up to two weeks for your body to re adjust from traditional anti perspirants, so be prepared for a little more water than usual in that time while your body basically unplugs!

Other top picks

The unisex perfumes from the Malin & Goetz range, I want to tell you are nice fragrances and toyed with the idea of not even including them, but that would be due to the fact I don’t want anyone to know about them!

They are magnificent and unlike most scents on the market very distinct and individual. I honestly fell in love with 3 of them and I am tough to please with perfumes.  If you love a perfume with more behind it, that stands out from the crowd, then this is your summer choice, you will get stopped and asked what are you wearing, but you must promise not to tell as this is our secret!

I must admit I love a heady scent so I went more towards this end but there are some gorgeous less heady scents that caught my attention which is a first. It could be a fabulous father’s day present that you get a lot of use out of……..

MMB Editors Top Pick:

Vetiver £125

Top Notes: Italian bergamot, grapefruit peel and cardamom
Middle Notes: African briarade, celery seed and white iris
Bottom Notes: Haitian vetiver, warm amber and guaiacwood

#  Malin & Goetz.

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