MMB talks with founders of Oh Mumma

Posted: Saturday October 10 2020

By: Guest Blogger

MMB Magazine talks with founders of Oh Mumma

Oh Mumma is the baby shower gift that needs no gift receipt!  We caught up with Oh Mumma founders Shannon Barrie and Kyra White to tell us more about how the two mums set up a successful business and made buying a gift for a new mum or mum that bit easier!

Tell us all about Oh Mumma, where the idea came from and how you guys met?

Kyra – We met years ago both working for the same beauty brand, Shannon in San Francisco and me in London.  We’d stayed in touch and when Shannon moved to the UK and married, we’d meet up for drinks and put the world to rights.  Fast forward a couple of years, we were both on maternity leave, juggling hectic careers, motherhood (Shannon) and impending motherhood when we began talking about putting our heads together to create a brand for mums.  Ultimately, a brand for mums by mums.  We talked about how overwhelming it is when you a new-born and how you receive so many amazing gifts for your new baby when they arrive but the things you remember is your friend who came bearing wine and dinner or your sister who cleaned your house when you were stuck on the sofa struggling to breastfeed, drowning in washing and nappies.  We knew then then we wanted to create an alternative ‘new baby’ gift and make it all about mum.

Shannon – When I had my first son, my tiny bit of time out for myself each day was the moment that I was in the bathroom, cleansing my face, moisturising and whatever else I could  find to slap on my face but generally just being alone and thinking about me.

With our combined experience covering everything from sales and marketing to PR and supply chain, our contacts and passion for our idea we cracked on.  Armed only with prosecco and tonnes of scraps of paper, mood boards and (naive) enthusiasm we started.

We started with what we knew we didn’t want to create – bye bye to grey blankets and fluffy bunnies and hello to a gift that’s for mum, not just baby.  Something original, a gift you’d be excited to give as well as receive and something thoughtful.

Kyra – That’s where the idea of the Oh Mumma box came from.  A box jam packed with luxe beauty and lifestyle products chosen and recommended by mums.  It was important that the products were approved by mums as we wanted make sure that everything in the box was relevant for where the mum receiving it was on her journey – there’s no room in here for 30 minute smoky eye kits and contouring pallets, that’s for sure.

Shannon – We started reaching out to the brands we knew and loved and hunted down the products that we personally used and could recommend.  It’s great to have some well-known and loved brands in the box from the likes of Cowshed, Benefit, Pai and Nails Inc but we also knew that we could support other mums in business by introducing our customers to some new, discovery brands, often founded by mums just like us who were creating products they knew worked.

What would you tell anyone wanting to start their own business?

Shannon – Have faith in yourself.  It won’t be easy but write down what you want to achieve and keep going back to that list.  We do it all the time and it’s a great way to make sure that you’re staying on track but it also gives you a moment to recognise progress that you’re making even if it doesn’t feel like it every day.

Kyra – Also, ask for help.  If you know anyone who has more knowledge or experience in an area of business than you, use them.  Most people love helping and likewise, you’ll find yourself offering to help others in areas that you know well.  We have a handful of amazing mentors who are not only our sanity check but also are as excited and passionate about the future of Oh Mumma as we are.

Tell us more about the box.  You can buy a subscription, too right?

Shannon – Yes, you can choose a Just for Mum box or add something for her little one by opting for the Mum and Baby box.  You can customise the box to make sure the products are spot on too.  Each box is worth at least double the RRP making it a gift worth giving.  If you’re clubbing in with others, then you could purchase. a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription and bring a smile to a mum every month.  Prices start at £22 so there’s something for everyone.  Each box has 5-7 products in and they’re usually full size.

Kyra – giving back is really important to us and as we said, everything comes back to mums so as well as supporting as many mums un business as we can we also donate 1% of profits to the PANDAS Foundation who support mums and families experiencing pre and postnatal mental illness.

What have been your highlights so far?

Kyra – Definitely the first time we saw Oh Mumma on the TV!  That was a pinch me moment.  ITV’s Lorraine featured the box in a Mother’s Day special piece which was phenomenal.  We’ve been on the show a couple of times now and it’s so exciting as a small business to get that sort of exposure.  We’ve also been in Grazia, The Evening Standard, The Mirror and lots of other publications which has helped us grow our brand awareness.

Any sneak peaks of what’s ahead for Oh Mumma?

Shannon – Well we are 1 year old in November so we’ll launch our ‘Best of Box’ which will be perfect for Xmas pressies!  We ae also doing Christmas crackers so if you’re stuck for a Secret Santa idea or table gift then we’ve got you!  We did a limited-edition Father’s Day box in June which sold out so we have a whole list of other boxes for the future that we can’t wait to get started on…watch this space.

Any final words or tips for buying new mums or presents for mums?

Kyra – I think it’s all about keeping it simple.  Mums know what mums want so trust your instinct and get something for HER.  Not for the family, not for the baby, something just for mum because I bet she’s sorted everything and everyone else out but not got round to herself yet.

oh mumma subscription box with MMB Magazine