Mums The Word

Posted: Monday March 14 2016

By: Abbie Coleman

Mums The Word

By Kate Ball – Mini First Aid

Mums The Word – When I had my little boy, like many expectant parents I joined an antenatal class – less fussed to learn about actually having my baby, more about making friends – because boy I was going to need them.

We were a pack, all new mums together, sharing each others stories, experiences, checking nappy sizes, feed times, who had been up the most in the night, and as our babies grew sharing the toils of weaning, learning to walk (or not being bothered in the case of my baby boy).  As mums, we had time, to meet, to chat, to exercise together – we lived in each other’s pockets quite literally for 12 months.  It was ace, and frankly I don’t know what I would have done without it.

Then it all changes, returning to work, means the sometimes-daily meet ups are reduced to weekly at best. The babies become less familiar with each other and new friends from childcare settings come on the scene.  The reality that they are going to grow up and marry each other is fading.

Enter baby 2 for us all, timed out of sync so maternity leave was staggered.  Again, nowhere near as much time together hanging out in coffee shops (completely unreasonable now with a toddler in tow) but it meant that one slightly less sleep-deprived friend could support another.

Now everyone is back at work, some running their own businesses, some in the corporate world.  But this is when for me this group of mums has been more important than ever.  We have known each other long enough for honesty to be OK, If I don’t really like my children one day, or someone’s child is causing a nightmare, bed wetting, hating school we can talk about it.  Why?  Because each of these crazy children of ours has turned out all right so far, and we can all offer support without judgment.

This group at times contains seriously stressed out Women, with work pressures piling, home moves, schools, career development and families to worry about.

As a whole great big group our children don’t see much of each other anymore, but when they do see each other its like a reunion.

But for us Mums, we have a commitment to a regular monthly get together, no children, no husbands, normally raced to after the pressures of a day in work – but so worth it.  We offer each professional advice for our work. Share updates on sometimes a month worth of news if we haven’t seen each other, talk non-stop for a few hours and leave feeling good.  Working, family and all the pressures that go with it, all made a little bit easier by sharing with women in the same boat.

Now they don’t tell you when your babies are small – that these mums in the future will make the daily grind just a little bit better.