Our Flexible Working Story Campaign

Posted: Monday November 13 2017

By: Abbie Coleman

At MMB Magazine we have worked hard to promote flexible working and also challenge the perception of who flexible working is for. Challenging what people can achieve through flexible working.  We have had the pleasure of working with some great people and businesses who are exploring this.  And heard so many stories,  and felt we needed to find a way to share these and make an impact. 

Our Flexible Working Story Campaign

So Far Our Flexible Working Story

With events like #Yorkshire Flex and our up and coming #NorthWestFlex event at Talk Talk offices.  MMB Magazine have brought businesses together to discuss and share ideas. Talk through problems and solutions over flexible working. The events have proved to be a great resource and have provided connections for business. We are even hosting a lunch event in 2018 for the HR professionals who implement flexible working programes. Allowing them to meet and discuss forming  our very own powerhouse on flexible working.

Along the way, everyone we have met has had their own flexible working story and not just mothers. From the dads who want to have more time to make school events and share drop offs and picks ups, the Executive who was sick of the 2 hour commute every day and wasting her time in traffic jams when she didn’t need to be in the office, through to the carer who needed the flexibility to be at home but still be able to work and the older worker that wanted more of a work-life balance.

#NorthwestFlex Event

We are using the lead up to our #NorthWestFlex to promote these stories and challenge the perception of who a flexible worker is and what they can achieve for business. We all know the employment landscape is changing over the next 8 years and flexible working is going to become a key part of attracting and retaining the best talent. If you are available on the 30th of November to get to Salford Quays and the Talk Talk offices at the Soapworks please read more about our event and book (Now Closed).

Share Your Flexible Working Story In A Video 60 Second Video Clip

So we would like you to share a 60-second clip telling us your flexible working story, once you have your 60-second clip simply load on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #MMBMagazine and your regional area #NorthWestFlex #YorkshireFlex #ScotlandFlex etc. 

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