Real Working Mum Poster Campaign

Posted: Tuesday August 9 2016

By: Abbie Coleman


We are so excited to launch our new poster campaign for MMB that we ran back on Facebook in July. Our posters will be going out to workplaces and venues so keep your eyes peeled. If your workplace needs one email our team.

Please find the fabulous readers pictures we chose to help launch this campaign below, and a little more about them:

MMB Magazine A5

MMB Reader:

Tell us about you: 
I’m a 30 something working mother. Full time hours in 4 days. I’m a senior manager for an international recruitment business working with lawyers, placing them into in house legal teams across Yorkshire. I’m not ashamed to say I love my job but my absolute world is my family. I’m mum to a delightful little hooligan who is 2 and have a hardworking husband who is also my soul mate and on tap hairdresser. Handy eh? I’m also a novice Instagram blogger and share my ups and downs (more of these admittedly!) of parenting. We’re hoping to add to our brood soon but it’s still a work in progress!

Why did you want to be a part of MMB poster campaign?

When a colleague suggested I might like the online magazine MMB I decided to explore the website on my commute home. I was gripped. I was overwhelmed with an instant feeling of solidarity. Finally a candid forum for working mums that really spoke to me. Reading articles about fellow women who feel the same way and have the same thoughts. Yes, I’m a mum and that’s the most awesome job you can do but it’s empowering to read about women who also do both, whether that’s in the office or at home. From advice on women’s career development, suggestions of great places to have some mum down time or money off those guilty pleasures we all love, MMBs got it all and I’m delighted to be part of it.

Sam B posterMMB Reader:

Tells us about you.

Our little family… There’s myself, husband Michael, little Jamie and the pups Archie and Bailey. Jamie is 14 months now and a typical mischievous little boy! He loves his cars, books and is a brill swimmer. As a family we spend a lot of weekends out at fairs, parks, motorbikes races and shows. We’re having a 2 storey extension half done so life is pretty crazy at the minute and we spend a lot of time in B&Q!! Michael is a big motorbike fan and loves restoring his bike collection. I can’t really remember what hobbies I had before Jamie came a long! Right now I just love eating and sleeping in peace!

Why did you want to be a part of MMB poster campaign?

Quite simply I wanted other mums to know whether they’ve been out of work months or years, that for me it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and that you can have a career and a family at the same time! Even working part time!

With Jamie being my first I don’t think I realised how I would feel about going back to work. I thought I’d quite happily jump back into my old full time job after 6 months! But then when we were discussing my returning to work we made the decision that it was best for my family that I worked part time. Looking for a new job and even considering being away from Jamie was completely terrifying.

Now I am thoroughly enjoying my new job (Thanks to Abbie and the services of MMB), I’m doing something I’m passionate about…. HR and the start of a new career! I have my own independence, my own career goals and I get to have adult conversations with plenty of hot cups of tea!

At the end of my 5 hour shifts I rush home to be with Jamie and spend quality time together, drawing, swimming, reading books or going to the park with friends. I value our family time so much more now!

I think a lot of companies are worried about employing mums, especially part time! But I think we’re the best kind of people… we still give 100%, use our time at work more effectively and are geniuses at multi-tasking!

I have a lot of friends with young babies who might be feeling the same way I did 3 months ago so I hope they can see how well it’s worked out for me and my family and see the happiness and love we still share through the pic.

Thank you ladies for being a part of the MMB revolution!