The secret to glowing skin

Posted: Sunday December 20 2020

By: Guest Blogger

The secret to glowing skin

By Lucy Hall Medifine

So, let’s look at just some of the ways we can keep our skin glowing and those tired eyes at bay.

Exfoliation is key

To keep your skin looking fresh, we recommend exfoliating of the dull, rough and dead skin cells at least 1-2 times a week. Our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells in a process called desquamation. Young children have a faster cell turnover rate, which explains why they have soft, bright and luminous looking skin.  As we age, our cell turnover rate slows down.  That’s why our skin never looks quite as “bright” as it did when we were younger. Dead skin cells stay on the surface of the skin longer which creates a dull, rough and lifeless effect.

This is why introducing exfoliation into your skin regime helps speed up cell turnover and keeps the skin looking fresh and radiant. We recommend ZO Exfoliating Polish priced at £45 – this is made up of round magnesium crystals, Vitamins A, C, C-Esters and E provide powerful anti-oxidant protection. These active ingredients can penetrate your skin and work much more effectively.

Meso-Glow Eye Treatment

This treatment is specifically designed for the eyes (can also be performed on the neck). The first stage is to resurface the eye area with a formulation of a gentle combination of salicylic acid and retinol to assist in superficial exfoliation and cell renewal, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The second stage is to roller in a MESO-Glow solution with a unique formulation for restructuring, revitalising, firming and lifting. To finish the treatment, a peptide mask is applied all over the eye area to help instantly firm and giving an immediate improvement in the appearance of dynamic facial wrinkles. Available at Medifine Aesthetics.

The WOW effect

wow-eyesWOW brings you the ultimate luxury collagen mask treatment for the face and eyes. These sheet masks can be applied 24 hours prior to an event to give your skin an anti-ageing boost. The masks are made up of key ingredients such as peptide argireline, collagen matrix and RMPC complex which give a:

  • Firming and lifting effect
  • Intense hydration
  • Reduce pore size
  • Smoothes skin texture
  • Brightens the skin

The WOW facial mask treatment is priced at £20. The WOW eye treatment is priced at £25 (reuseable up to 7 times). Both available at Medifine online shop.

The Redermalization treatment

Redermalization and Redermaleyes are treatment procedures that rejuvenate and improve skin quality. Using a mesotherapy technique, the mixture of uncross linked hyaluronic acid(HA) and succuinic acid are injected into the treated area. HA works on the hydration of the skin from within and the succinic acid works on a cellular level to increase oxygen and the production of collagen and elastin the 2 components responsible for youthful bouncy skin. Succinic acid is also a powerful antioxidant and is clinically proven to reduce pigmentation. The overall effect is improved skin quality, better hydration and a more even skin tone with a more youthful look and feel to the skin. Please contact Medifine Aesthetics to book a consultation for this treatment.

The Red Carpet Treatment

The Fire & Ice Facial Treatment known in LA as the ‘Red Carpet Treatment’ due to its popularity with such A-List celebrities as Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow and Evangeline Lily. This intense resurfacing treatments instantly brightens, tightens and smooths the skin. It has been clinically formulated with the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients and designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reduce fine lines, address problematic skin and encourage cellular renewal. We would recommend having this treatment 1-3 days prior to an event to give your skin a real glow. Available at Medifine and priced at £65 per treatment. 

These are just a few of treatments and products we offer to help create a rejuvenate and refreshed you. 

# The secret to glowing skin