Posted: Friday January 13 2017

By: Abbie Coleman

YORKSHIRE FLEX CONFERENCE  – JUNE 22nd, 2017 Flexible Working Conference

Now closed

Please note tickets will only be available for people directly involved in changing, implementing or running flexible working in their business. Business owners, MD’s,  Heads of Departments and HR etc.

But Why Yorkshire Flex

I was recently asked at an interview what I thought could make a difference to Yorkshire, what would attract more talent and business for the region.

The interviewer who clearly was passionate about the transport links offered this as perhaps the business proposition MMB and me would stand behind, followed closely by three other suggestions. But for me, it was something so very different, while I appreciate that strong transport links are vital for trade and business growth, something closer to home seemed the clear answer. And that answer for me was flexible working.

When I first launched MMB Magazine back in late 2015, it was to be the modern working mothers magazine, to support working mothers with intelligent savvy blogs from the most credible people in the market and deliver high-quality events and advice and speakers. But ultimately I wanted to effect change in the employment landscape, to rid this idea that part time roles had to be jobs not careers and the office was the only place you could do business.

I am also now acutely aware of how different the employment landscape will be looking in ten years and how flexible working is no longer solely a mother issue it’s a people issue.

We are heading towards having a larger ageing working population, with an increased pension age, with strong skillsets but the desire to potentially work fewer hours in the later stages of their careers or have flexibility. We have the millennials who have taken some bad press in the last 12 months but are they so wrong to now desire a work life balance and to enjoy life as well as their work? After all, France just passed a law protecting employees from effectively being on the clock outside of working hours via smartphones, computers and having this intrusion or pressure to be accessible to their bosses 24/7.

Add into the mix the many people I have spoken to in my 15 years of recruitment that wanted the flexibility of earlier finishes or to work from home or other locations rather than simply being stuck in commute hell or being in the office when it simply was not needed. They were not looking for pay rises to move from companies or stay but flexibility. Then add in the mothers and fathers needing the flexibility around child care and I think we have pretty much covered a large proportion of our workforce

Yorkshire Flex is a 150 large conference, with 8 amazing industry specialists across all sectors. It’s a half day event for people to engage, share ideas get ideas, offer solutions, hear when it went wrong and when it went right. Chat with other industries and experience. It is an event I hope will change our employment landscape in Yorkshire.

We will be announcing the event in the next weeks along with our full line up.

Want to get involved, #YorkshireFlex campaign simply click to download our sign (Now closed) or use the sign on the back of our free magazine that is going out in LS postcodes next week. Take a photo and tweet #YorkshireFlex to show your support that flexible working is something you believe is important to our Yorkshire business community.

I look forward to meeting you in June.

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