Questions And Answers On Shared Parental Leave

Posted: Saturday November 26 2016

By: Abbie Coleman

In this article by MMB Magazine, Ceri Widdett answers some key questions regarding Shared Parental Leave.

By Ceri Widdett

How long is shared parental leave for?

52 weeks to be shared

Can both parents take it at the same time?

Yes, both parties can take shared parental leave at the same time

Who can take shared parental leave?

An employee who shares responsibility for a child with:

  • Their husband, wife, civil partner or joint adopter
  • The child’s other parent
  • Their partner (if they live with them)

The mother or adopter must be an employee who:

  • Worked for the same employer for at least 26 weeks by the end of the 15th week before the EWC, (or at the week in which an adopter was notified of having been matched with a child or adoption), and
  • Is still employed in the first week that SPL is to be taken.

The other parent must have worked for at least 26 weeks in the 66 weeks leading up to the due date, and have earned above £30 a week for at least 13 of those 66 weeks.

When can it be taken?

During the first year of the child’s birth or placement

Do I have to take it all in one go?

No, but it has to be taken in complete weeks

Do I need to give notice?

Yes, 8 weeks written notice is needed

Is it paid?

There is an entitlement to Statutory Shared Parental Pay (SSPP) which is paid at the same rate as Statutory Maternity Pay (currently £139.58 per week for 39 weeks or 90% of average weekly earnings, whichever is lower). There may also be an entitlement to enhanced pay by the employer if this is provided for in the employees’ contract of employment.

Is Statutory Shared Parental Pay (SSPP) payable if I am being paid Statutory Sick Pay?


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