Emsleys Law Returners Programme 2019

Posted: Tuesday February 5 2019

By: Abbie Coleman

One topic particularly close to my heart is the development and encouragement of women achieving their goals at work which is why Emsleys are proud to support the Law Society Returners programme.

Emsleys Law Returners Programme 2019

This year marks my eleventh year as a qualified solicitor and my thirteenth year at work and throughout that time I have seen a number of excellent people leave private practice as traditionally law has not been a family friendly career.

Things are changing within the profession as it wakes up to the fact that flexibility has to be offered or there will continue to be a brain drain of talented individuals out of the profession.

Whilst I would always advocate for personal choice and am happy for those that feel that they do not wish to pursue their career, I do feel that the profession needs to adapt to ensure that that balance can be achieved for those who want to work in a rewarding career and have a balance with their personal life.

Law Returners Programme

The Law Returners programme is an initiative by the Law Society trying to encourage people back into law after a career break of at least three years. This is something that particularly resonated with me as I have watched the generation above me navigate through balancing work and home life and now am watching my own peer group deal with this.

The Law Returners scheme is a specific project to offer those who have had a career break for over three years the opportunity to work for six months in a law firm. At the end of the six months, there may be a job for the individual or if not, they have six months relevant work experience on their CV which will be useful for them to move on to an alternative role. When the Law Society announced this scheme, I was keen to participate as I don’t want to work in a profession where diversity isn’t celebrated and routes available for all.

Our new starter under the Law Returners scheme is due to join us in a couple of weeks’ time and as part of the scheme, the Law Society is providing external mentoring, peer support and I am proud to announce that I will be the candidate’s firm based mentor throughout the six month placement.

The scheme has impressed us so much that we are looking at implementing a similar scheme for returners to work be it following a maternity leave or other career break and am pleased to be championing this initiative.

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